The Sport Coat Deconstructed

The sport coat (or sports jacket) is just that—a men’s suiting-style coat. Unlike a suit jacket, however, a sport coat is sold without matching pants, which makes it far more versatile.

Every guy needs to know—the sport coat is the easiest way to amp up your style.

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Versatility, Function & Value

Today’s designs come in a trimmer cut and are shorter in length. Many have a softer construction across the shoulders and back, all of which adds comfort to your killer style. Wide-ranging finishes include two- or three-button front closures, single or double vents at the back, hand-stitched lapels, patch or flap pockets, contrast fabrics under the collar and colourful button treatments at the cuff.

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During summer months, sport coats are frequently unlined. You’ll instantly appreciate the extra step of taped seams in the manufacturing of seasonal sport coats because these airy jackets—in plain or patterned ultra-lightweight wool, linen and cotton—are cool and comfortable in warm weather.

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You can dress up your sport coat in classic fashion with a pair of summer-weight dress pants, shirt and tie. Pocket your tie at the end of the day, and your trusty summer sport jacket will effortlessly take you from the office to an evening out. Conversely, create an upscale casual look with chinos, linen pants or jeans.

This flexibility means your sport coat is appropriate for almost any occasion that doesn’t require a two-piece suit.

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Summer is the ideal season to use your sport coat to “finish” a casual look. Pair yours with one of the many luxurious print shirts worn open at the neck, or pop it over a sweater, polo shirt, T-shirt or self-collared knit shirt and you’ll feel stylish and relaxed.

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The sport coat’s versatility and function easily elevates every man’s style.

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