The Kate Tank Dress Sage-Green Floral Print
Le Galeriste

The Kate Tank Dress Sage-Green Floral Print

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The Kate dress from Le Galeriste offers fit and flare. This easy-going slightly A-line design is one of the many Le Galeriste pieces fhat is redefining functional fashion by providing four looks in one. Take your choice of wearing the print dress with a V-neck or high-crew front, turn the dress inside out and and start all over again in basic black. Each article of clothing is produced according to humane and environmentally responsible principles.

 • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
• Premium interlock-twist yarn knit for outer print and skirt lining
• Reversible front to back—V-neck front and high-crew back
• Reversible—floral print on one side and black on the other
• Machine washable
• Wrinkle-free 
• Designed and made in Canada  

Style #WDR26, Colour NB0305

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