Is Denim the New Dress Pant?

Not exactly, but five-pocket fashion, by which we mean the jean cut, is taking up more space in every guy’s wardrobe. Granted, we believe wholeheartedly in the suit for a variety of circumstances from a job interview to the big-time business office, your graduation or wedding. But our desk-to-dinner existence in 2017 has created a wonderful new world of business casual that draws inspiration from the past, yet looks and feels appropriate for the modern guy.

For us, it’s all about taking the best of traditional menswear (a suit jacket or sport coat, sometimes a shirt and tie, and always leather shoes or boots) and putting those elements together with a pair of contemporary five-pocket pants, whether denim or luxe fabric. It’s something completely new for men’s style—a comfortable outfit that projects elegance and authority (even in dressing down) and will elevate your style from bottoms to top.

Here’s how we like to see it.