I Love Tyler Madison Fall/Winter 2018

Sisters Charna Zucker and Jacqueline Harris have combined their educations in business, fashion and psychology to create a self-affirming line of sportswear for young women called I Love Tyler Madison. If you think the business is named for a singer in a little-known boy band, guess again. Zucker and Harris are animal-lovers, and their beloved rescue canines, Tyler and Madison, inspired the moniker and serve as lead dogs, so to speak, on the Montreal-based company’s active support of the SPCA and ASPCA. The spirit behind the line is the unconditional love Zucker and Harris receive from their four-legged friends. In response, the designers create simple, funky, pull-on pants they hope will allow each woman to express her individuality and, thereby, will reinforce her self-acceptance and self-worth. “The same pair of pants can look completely different on five different girls—and we love this,” the owners say.