Beware of Fake Sites

It has come to our attention that the Chris James Kingston site, and much of its content, has been cloned by bad actors who are fraudulently posing as our store online. These sites will accept payment for orders but does not have the capability to fulfill them.

These fraudulent sites do not resemble the authentic Chris James Kingston site, but it could be confusing for customers, first time and repeat, due to the illegal use of our company name, branding assets and online content.

The only real and true website for Chris James Kingston is

We want to assure Chris James Kingston customers of the following:

  • We notify fraud investigators when these sites come to our attention
  • The integrity of the authentic Chris James Kingston site, its database and customer records remain intact
  • The authentic Chris James Kingston site is hosted by Shopify, which is the gold standard for online sales, a safe and secure PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant platform offering robust security, encryption and protection against online attacks

If you believe you have been the victim of a fake shopping website:

  • Call your bank or credit card company’s fraud departments immediately
  • Change your passwords
  • File a police report
  • Log a complaint with the platform, or the real business it is representing to be
  • Report it to Google, Microsoft or the FTC (US)



Easy ways to spot a fake site?

  • URL red flags:
    The fastest way to tell if a site is secure is by checking for HTTPS, with a padlock next to it, in the URL. HTTPS indicates that the site uses SSL encryption, which is superior to HTTP. With HTTPS, nobody between the website and the user can read the data. Another telltale sign is if the site’s URL looks suspiciously similar to the official address of a genuine retailer, but is slightly off.
  • Typos & bad grammar
  • Amateur website design
  • Bargain basement prices
  • Limited contact details
  • Complex or non-existent return instructions and policies
  • Questionable payment options


If you are unsure of the integrity of a site as Chris James Kingston, please call or email us directly so we can help protect you. We can be reached in store at 613.541.0707, or via email at