Wooden Ships Fall/Winter 2017

The motto for Wooden Ships could be “doing well by doing good.” A fashion house for the 21st century, Wooden Ships was founded in 1992 by Colombian-born designer Paola Buendía and her husband Mark Donovan. Their goal was to produce timeless knitwear for women according to state-of-the-art sustainable standards. Without a doubt, Wooden Ships makes beautiful sweaters, but in a world of stunning fashion, the owners’ commitment to environmental, ecological and social responsibility truly sets their clothing apart.

The Bali-based operation takes a no-waste approach to manufacturing and only produces goods to order. Among its advantages, this policy means merchandise can be bulk-packed to reduce waste, and all packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. The company’s 20 kW array of solar panels is paving the way for a future of 100% renewable energy. Their total carbon footprint is lessened thanks to Wooden Ships commitment to sea freight instead of air freight. With its sustainable approach, Wooden Ships also lets customers feel great about looking good. Especially the ones made by Wooden Ships. “There is something so comforting about knits,” explains Buendía, “and, for me, looking good, is totally connected to feeling comfortable.”