Why Canada Goose?

Proudly made in Canada for over 50 years, Canada Goose is committed to producing the best extreme-weather outerwear in the world. Long considered a survival tool by scientists, explorers, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Canada Goose collection now reaches from South Pole research facilities and the Canadian High Arctic to the streets of New York City, Paris, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Milan, Toronto. Authenticity, quality, styling and incredible warmth have made these coats a valued outwear.

Canada Goose down-filled parkas are produced according to the company’s stringent standards in Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal facilities. The Canada Goose parka begins an industry-leading understanding of down insulation.

Canada Goose

Only premium Canadian down is used in Canada Goose coats, resulting in light and exceptionally warm designs. The down is only purchased as a by-product from the poultry industry.

Canada Goose

Functionality is key to the reputation of these jackets, which are built for the coldest conditions. Fur trim around a hood disrupts airflow to create turbulence, which keeps warmer air around the face, thereby protecting the skin from frostbite. Only coyote fur obtained through strictly regulated methods are used by Canada Goose.

The company has implemented comprehensive traceability programs throughout the supply chain to ensure that all fur and down have been sourced in an ethical manner. This ensures that animals have not been subjected to unfair practices, willfull mistreatment or undue harm.

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