Caring for Your Canada Goose

A Canada Goose parka is an investment. Take proper care of the garment, and it will last more than a decade, if not a lifetime. Here are some tips to keep your coat looking its best.

1. Keep It Clean

When your parka needs cleaning, closely follow the instructions on the label. Your down-filled parka can easily be spot-cleaned with bleach-free detergent and water. Leave it to air dry. For the dry-clean-only parkas, ensure you take it to a reputable dry cleaner. The premium natural materials in Canada Goose coats are sensitive to chemicals. So it is always best to trust your coat to someone experienced in dealing with down and fur products.

Do not machine wash your down coat. It will damage the distribution of the down-fill, thereby affecting the appearance and warmth of your coat. It will also void the warranty.

In case you ever need to exercise the warranty on your parka,  make sure to keep your receipt!

2. Keep the Fur Lush

Before dry cleaning your coat, remove the fur if you have that option with your coat design. You can take any fur pieces to a furrier and let the experts work their magic.  If removing the fur is not an option, be sure to tell your dry cleaner to protect it against contact with any chemicals, which will shrink and damage the fur.

3. Store the Coat in Summer

Don’t keep your coat compressed for a long period of time. Such storage will have an adverse effect on the down’s loft, which will reduce its ability to protect you against the cold. Hang your jacket in a cool, dry and dark place, ideally in an area with airflow. Avoid direct UV rays during the warm, summer months.

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