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Hey Guys, It’s Fall!

The wait is over. Our Fall collection of menswear has arrived. Now, we’re looking forward to seeing you. Stop in today! >

Join CJ Preferred!

The CJ Preferred Customer Program delivers savings with every purchase you make in our store every day—all year-round. Now’s the time to join. Read more about why you should Sign Up & Save >

Clothes Make the Man

Ever see a guy like this and wonder “what’s he got that I don’t?” Simple. A suit from Chris James. With our help, you can be the guy who’s turning heads >

34 Heritage! New Fabrics, Favourite Cuts

Get funky with new fabrics from 34 Heritage. The future of five-pocket jean styling has taken a quantum leap forward. Check it out >

WDP in 2017

WDP is new and improved across the board. We’re giving you greater flexibility for combining items in each category. We’ve expanded the selection of WDP brands—Canadian and European. We’ve added more categories of basics to increase the versatility of the looks you buy >

Grooms & Grads

If there’s a special day on your agenda, we’ve got an unbelievable clothing offer that will ensure you look your best at your wedding or graduation without breaking the bank >